Skincare Travel Tips by Sarah Chapman


Skincare Travel Tips
by Sarah Chapman  


Our Sloane Square neighbour and our team’s go-to London Skincare Specialist,
Sarah Chapman shares her secret travel tips for the skin when travelling,
from pre-take off prep to arriving at the hotel.


1. What’s the best advice for pre-take off prep?

Preparation is definitely key when it comes to flying, as you won’t be able to buy your
essentials once on-board. My secret to great in-flight organisation is to fill my travel bag
with Skinesis minis, hand sanitiser, some Cleansing Cushions, an eye mask and cashmere socks.

Before you board the plane, give your face a thorough cleanse and apply a layer of moisturiser
to act as a barrier. I also recommend eating before you board so you can avoid the salty
plane food, which causes puffiness in the skin.


“Avoid the salty plane food, which
causes puffiness in the skin”


2. It’s sometimes difficult to take all of your lotions and potions on holiday. Is there a no 1
product you swear by?

My number one can’t-live-without formula has to be Overnight Facial. No matter what my
skin condition is like at the time, Overnight Facial never lets me down. It blends
cosmeceutical actives such as Renovage, to increase the life span of cells, and anti-ageing
vitamin A with exotic essential oils so it’s such a pleasure to use and leaves my skin refreshed
and radiant. It’s truly my secret power potion!

For the plane, I always travel with my Liquid Facial D-stress. Ideal for refreshing tired or
sensitive skin, the active mist also provides an invisible skin shield with anti-pollution and
anti-oxidant skin protectors. A spritz every hour keeps skin comfortable and well protected.


3. Despite facial products, what other area is often neglected / affected whilst travelling?

Your hands are often exposed to the same conditions as your face but very often neglected,
and the backs of your hands are renowned for showing signs of ageing. Always pack a good
hand cream and when you’ve landed don’t forget to apply sun cream in this area to prevent
uneven pigmentation from developing. You can apply lashings of my Overnight Hand and
Nail Treatment while you sleep. It is like an Overnight Facial for your hands!


“Your hands are often exposed to the same conditions
as your face but very often neglected… Always pack a
good hand cream.”


Skincare Travel Tips by Sarah Chapman


4. Any secret travel tips?

Although everyone likes to look their best, wearing heavy make-up when flying can clog
the pores. Try wearing a tinted moisturiser like my Skin Insurance SPF 30. I will always
carry a bottle of essential oils to splash onto my headrest, to neutralise any nasty niffs on the
plane. You could even make yourself a spray to spritz over the chairs – or sometimes I will
use my Liquid Facial D-stress. I usually like to carry eye drops with me to stop my eyes
from itching, drying out or becoming bloodshot.


5. Is there anything you can do to prevent breakouts and dull skin whilst in the air?

The dry, recycled air in planes is full of germs, which combined with dehydration can lead
to breakouts by the end of your journey. I developed my Intense Hydrating Booster to
counteract this and I always carry it with me. It locks in moisture with a mega dose of hyaluronic
acid and neutralises airborne bacteria with its bioecolia compound - I apply it around every hour.

If you’re on a long-haul flight, boost your skin’s moisture further with one of my 3D Moisture
Infusion face masks. The clever bio-cellulose technology envelops the face to ensure
fantastic absorption of my therapeutic-strength moisture serum, with hyaluronic acid, rose
water and performance-proven actives restoring the skin to optimal hydration in 15 minutes.
And lastly, quite simply try not to touch your face too much!


“Quite simply try not to
touch your face too much”


Skincare Travel Tips by Sarah Chapman 


6. As soon as you get to the hotel, what’s the best thing you can do?

If you arrive during the day, having a shower is a great way to re-energise and rehydrate
yourself, as the surrounding air will be full of moisture. If you arrive at night, run yourself a
bath before going to bed.

Next, focus on your face. Massage is the most effective way to reinvigorate your skin and
give you a fresh-looking glow. Start with a deep, thorough cleanse to remove all traces of
dirt and bacteria from the flight (I always travel with Ultimate Cleanse). Massage your
formula deep into the skin with your knuckles and fingertips, using firm upward movements
for at least two to three minutes, then use a face cloth or Professional Cleansing Mitt to
thoroughly remove the cleanser, as this also helps remove dry skin and will bring a glow to
your face.


“Add some lemon to your water to neutralise any
bugs that might be lurking”


Rehydrate with a large glass of water too to support the skin from within – and add some
lemon to your water to neutralise any bugs that might be lurking. A few simple stretches or
yoga moves are ideal if you are feeling any tension from travelling, encouraging blood flow
and relaxation.

Whenever you’re out in the sun, remember to use at least a factor 15 sun cream and make
sure to re-apply it regularly throughout the day, both on exposed parts of your body and on
your face. On a normal day I choose Dynamic Defence SPF 15 but in exceptionally hot
climates my go-to factor 50 is Heliocare.