How to get a tan in London



How to get a tan in London

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Yes, you could wait til summer and strip off in Hyde Park. Or you could head to one of the capital’s
top tanning salons to find the best spray tan in London. Fashion Writer, Fiona Kerr reviews Heidi
Klein Mystic Tan at our Westbourne Grove boutique.




How to get a tan in London



“You look sassy”



The experience:
In this computerised tanning booth you can even dispense with the pants. It couldn’t be easier: slip behind the mirrored
door in Heidi Klein’s Westbourne Grove store, select a colour (one to four; two being a week-in-the-Med glow), listen
to a quick briefing on how it works and then rub barrier lotion on dry parts. The self-check-out-style voice tells you
when it’s time to turn (you have to pivot clockwise four times) and the booth even has a drying setting. In short, it was
the spray tan dream.

Best for:
A private experience

How long did it take?
15 minutes max, from arrival to fully clothed again

How long did it last?
It faded pretty evenly during the following five days

The smell:
Typical fake-tan biscuit - but only until the first shower

“You look sassy” and “Wow you look great, what’s different here?”

Top tip:
Apply the barrier lotion carefully - elbows can be tricky

Awkwardness rating:


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Please book an appointment prior to arrival.

Heidi Klein Boutique
174 Westbourne Grove, London W11 2RW
T: 020 7243 5665


    How to get a tan in London