Bodyism talks Bodyism



Bodyism talks Bodyism

We catch-up with Bodyism CEO Nathalie Schyllert, who tells us why Bodyism is so much more
than a high-end gym, some valuable health tips and the do’s and don’ts in life.



Bodyism talks Bodyism



“People tend to think that we
are just a gym for celebrities and
models” - Nathalie Schyller, Bodyism CEO



How did Bodyism “kick off”?
Bodyism started 11 years ago in a small mews house in South Kensington. Our members loved
the space as it felt private and welcoming, like being at home. Although we are now based in busy
Westbourne Grove in Notting Hill, we still receive the same feedback from our members. It’s great
to know that we were able to capture the same feelings as we did when we first started in the mews

Is it better to take supplements rather than “the real thing”?
Ideally a healthy and balanced diet should include both. In the past, we were able to get enough
vitamins and nutrition from food alone but nowadays it’s not necessarily sufficient. Air pollution
and less nutritious food means that we need to add a supplement to our daily routines to get our
body what it needs. At Bodyism we always remind our clients that our supplements are not a meal
replacement. They should just be taken as an addition to healthy diet filled with organic foods.

What does ‘be kind to yourself’ really mean?
It means everything from what you think when you look in the mirror, what you put in your body
and what exercises you do. Never put yourself down, be kind to yourself. Treat your body as you
would treat a loved one by giving it the attention, nutritious food, right amount of sleep and move-
ment it needs.

What are peoples misconception of Bodyism?
People tend to think that we are just a gym for celebrities and models. But, on the contrary, once
they step in to Bodyism they are surprised to see how nice and relaxed the atmosphere is. Our mem-
bers span over all age groups (15-70 yo) and they are from all sorts of occupations and backgrounds.
What they have in common is that they all want to live happier and healthier lives.

Why is Bodyism different to any other high end gym?
We look in to all aspects in our members lives and not just the training. We take a holistic approach
to wellness by advising on what to eat, how to sleep better and to stress less. It’s really a place to
come if you want to make long term changes in your life and not only to get a better body for your
next holiday (but you will get that too).

What do people value the most from Bodyism?
They value that they feel listened to. Most gyms just do their own thing and what they think is right
without listening to the client. For example, we have had a few female clients say they bulk up if
they do weights and their previous trainers had just said that women can’t bulk up by just doing
weights and pushed them in to it. At Bodyism, we listen to our clients since they know their bodies
(from experience I know I get bigger if I do heavy weights as well). There are other more effective
ways to sculpt the body in a feminine way.

What is Bodyism’s No 1 DO and DON’T in life?
DO be kind to others and yourself
DON’T put unnecessary stress on your body (mentally, nutritionally or via exercise)