Maldives Carly Neave


In The Maldives
With Carly Neave


We catch up with Travel & Wellness Blogger, Carly
Neave on her latest venture to The Maldives.


Maldives Carly Neave

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1. You've been to The Maldives a few times... 
What is your favourite thing about it?


If I had to pick one thing, it would have to be the
colour of the water. It’s a shade of crystal-clear ice
blue that I haven't seen anywhere else in the world,
and because so many of the properties have built
overwater rooms, you feel really intertwined with
the natural surroundings. It's the epitome of
barefoot luxury.


“It’s the epitome of barefoot


2. What was the best thing you did on the trip?


One of the experiences that the Westin property
offers is a sunset dolphin excursion (side note:
at a really reasonable price too for a once in a
life-time experience, I think it was around $90).
We had Spinner Dolphins swim up to the front
of the boat time and time again, and we saw a
mother dolphin with its calf, which was just the
cutest thing ever! The sunset was beautiful and
I’ll never forget it.


Maldives Carly Neave

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3. You're constantly travelling! What can't you
travel without?


Skin-wise it has to be a good face SPF, as I
actually think it’s really hard to come by an
effective one that doesn’t turn your skin into
an oily mess. Body is slightly easier of course
one of my favourites is a mineral SPF by a
brand called “Coola”. It’s one of the few that
I’ve discovered that absorbs so nicely into the
skin and doesn’t leave me with clogged pores.


A slightly less interesting answer, but equally
important, has to be both my camera and laptop.
Because of the nature of the work that I do, I
can’t exactly put an ‘out of office’ on, as travelling
is one of the main times where most of my content
is created, and it’s an experience I want to share
with the people who follow me. It can be hard at
times, but conversely, I’m incredibly grateful to be
doing what I do full time. I shoot with the
Panasonic Lumix GH5 and edit all my images in
Lightroom, but if you want a nice app for easy
editing on the phone, “RNI Films” is a fab one that
I’ve recently started using.


Maldives Carly Neave

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4. You have an amazing physique! Tell us your secrets...


It’s really only in the last year that I’ve truly started
to embrace my natural figure, and stop trying to
make it be something it’s not. I try to stay strong
and healthy as I think it’s really important
throughout all our lives to have that support at a
fundamental level. I know it’s not exactly the
sexiest ‘trick’ in the book, but honestly, I do feel
like I live the definition of a balanced lifestyle and
therefore my mindset is a very positive.


“I love a hard-sweaty gym
session as much as a bowl of
creamy pasta and a bottle of 
red wine!”


I love a hard-sweaty gym session as much as a bowl
of creamy pasta and a bottle of red wine! I guess
my baseline is that when I’m at home I eat pretty
clean, but it means that when I’m out for dinner or
on holiday, I won’t even think twice about ordering
the biggest calorie dish on there if that’s what I
want. There's a very fine line between being healthy
and striving for ‘perfection’. I think if we stop
worrying about the latter, things fall into
place much more easily.


Maldives Carly Neave


5. What's it like living in-between London and Dubai?


I never thought when I first made the move here
at 21 that five years later I’d still be calling it my
home. Dubai provides an incredible quality of life.
There is sunshine every day, and it offers a world of
opportunities for my career, as it’s such a
fast-growing and developing market; but it’s not
true home. I’m fortunate that blogging allows me
to work from anywhere, so during the hottest
months of Dubai I spend most of my time in the 
UK, which gives me the family and-friends dose
that I need!



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