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Relaxing by candlelight with a beautifully fragrant candle is the perfect holiday treat. We have developed our own signature ‘Coconut Beach’ candle, carefully tuned notes of coconut, vanilla, marine and jasmine. Evoking tropical beaches and far away islands for your holiday downtime.

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Luxury Beeswax Candles

Whether it’s a treat to enjoy on holiday, or the ultimate holiday reminder for your home heidi klein’s Coconut Beach candle adds a scent of luxury to the holiday accessories range.

Made from virgin beeswax, this ensures a slower burn rate and so releases the maximum amount of the luxury fragrance. Designed to evoke a tropical island getaway, the scent is carefully blended with notes of coconut, jasmine, marine and vanilla – perfect as you relax by candlelight on your getaway, or taking you right back there again as you recline in a leisurely bath at home.

The candle is housed in a chic glass votive that will complement any room and makes a gorgeous gift for a lady who loves to travel. Team it with items from our skincare range for the ultimate luxury gift for home or abroad.

The Coconut Beach candle from heidi klein will transform any room into the ultimate tropical paradise so shop it today as you browse our gifts and essential accessories.